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TNC Global is pleased to announce the release of a new in-depth marketing tool for the global para-aramid market.

Greensboro, NC, January 20, 2017 – Textile Network Concepts’ international team has compiled an extensive database that includes 2,494 international companies that purchase para-aramid fiber, pulp/floc, filament, or paper.

In an easy to use excel file, users of the database can quickly and confidently perform statistical analysis of the various para-aramid markets by clicking on any parameter. The parameters include Region (N. America, Asia Pacific, Japan, EMEA, and Latin America), Purchasing Country, Segment (ie. Industrial, Protective Apparel), Business Segment (ie: Fiber Optic Cables, Ballistics, Industrial Felts, etc), Product Form, and Name of the company purchasing para-aramid and the estimated volumes. If a client wishes, the file can also be customized to include additional parameters.

Joey Fields, TNC Global, Stated “This para-aramid study is the most exhaustive of its kind to date and we are proud to supply it to the international textile field. The study was researched and prepared by highly experienced technical textile professionals through legal, honest, and ethical means.”

TNC Global can also provide similar marketing tools for other technical fibers like meta-aramid, UHMWPE, PBO, etc.

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